What is the Silver Economy?


> Definition:

The Silver Economy is dedicated to the elderly in our societies. As its name suggests, the Silver Economy is not a “market” but a cross “economy”.
The population ageing process is real and impacting every market and industry, such as: leisure, transportation, food industry, insurance, residency, health, safety, communications, the Internet, sports…
All these markets are already adapting to ageing.

In France, the Silver Economy sector was structured recently, while the worldwide phenomenon of population ageing is a true opportunity for growth and employment.

> What is Gerontechnology?

logo Gerontechnology (a mix of “Gerontology” and “Technology”) includes various technical systems and solutions to help the elderly and/or their caregivers perform basic daily activities.

Gerontechnologies enable elders to maintain their autonomy or to compensate for functional impairments.

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Silvereco.eu disseminates:

Our goal is to provide sector players with a sector monitoring tool, inform, and allow manufacturing and service providers to present  their offers and innovations  in detail.


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